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To provide a nurturing, accepting atmosphere where children have respect for others

To encourage cooperative play

To establish an observation system in which notes are taken on the children.

Program Goals:




To establish respect & care for the environment & materials. To continually maintain a clean, orderly, & attractive work space

​To help children gain mastery of themselves & develop the ability to bring order to their world.

To be supportive of parents; encouraging involvement & also encouraging open & honest communication while using discretion.

To provide a relaxed, loving & calm atmosphere where self-concept is enhanced, independence & self discipline are gained in an environment where the child knows the limits & expectations.

To develop in the children an active curiosity about the world & an appreciation for beauty & nature.

To offer a wide variety of activities within the Montessori curriculum including practical life, sensorial, language, math, science, geography, introduction to the community, art & movement.

To bring the outer world into perspective & help the children grown into responsible members of the community.

To meet each child’s physical needs while encouraging independence & self-care.

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